Validating email addresses in PHP

Jul 08

Introduction Data validation and sanitation ranks in the top 3 things you need to understand as a developer. Validating user data can be of the utmost importance if you plan on putting that information into a database, or if you have to use it for other site functions later on. One of the questions I get asked quite a bit is how to validate an email address. Around...

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Looking for a PHP mentor? You found him!

Jun 03

First things first With the internet where it is right now why would you need a mentor. Seriously. With sites like StackOverflow and others all over the web, every question has been ask, re-asked, asked again, and asked one more time, until the people who used to answer questions no longer answer they just link you to the last 7 people that asked. Its all there for...

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Parsing Google Fast Flip

Jun 22

Introduction From time to time I spend a little too long on a project I probably shouldn’t. A while back I set out to pull in Google News Fast Flip data for my personal Homepage(you’ll see several projects from this). For those who are not famiiar with Google Fast Flip, it is a service that shows screenshots of news articles from several different...

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Using ZF Tool to Create a Modular Zend Framework Application

Apr 29

Introduction This is just a quick guide on creating a modular application structure in the Zend Framework using the Zend Framework Tool (more or less). The Process First move to your directory. cd /var/www/ Now create the project zf create project MyApp cd MyApp Now that we have a functioning app. The next step is to turn it into a modular application. First we...

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PDO Getting Started Part 2 – PDOStatement

Apr 27

Introduction Most of your work with PDO will center around the PDOStatement class. Of all of the classes in the PDO package this is the one that you will need to know the best. As such I will try to cover the core functions with a little more code then last time. I will not be covering all of the functions in the post as there isn’t much I will be able to...

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PDO Getting Started

Apr 25

Part 2 of this post is now out. It covers PDOStatement. Check it out here! Introduction Through my time in development, I’ve used several database solutions, but to be honest the easiest solution for me has always been PDO. It provides powerful solutions while not getting in your way. On top of this it doesn’t have the large learning curve that comes with...

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PHP Prototyping part 2

Apr 21

I had quite a bit of fun working on the prototyping class but I’ve realized I’ve missed a lot of things. So I sat down today to expand it a bit. I added in accessing of parent class variables (Don’t know how I missed this one). I also added in the ability to assign a function to a variable to call it later. Lets look at some examples: First I added...

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