PHP Benchmarking Redux

May 18

So after the comment from Jay in regards to my previous post about PHP benchmarking I decided to sit down and write a PHP class for my upcoming framework that handles benchmarking. Usage is is fairly simple and is as follows: $benchmark = \IMorf\Benchmark::getInstance(); $benchmark->startTimer('fullLoad'); $benchmark->startMemoryTracker('fullLoad'); /** *...

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PHP Benchmarking

May 13

The most common way to benchmark in PHP is by testing the time the script runs with something like $startTime = microtime(TRUE); // Bunch of code goes here echo 'Runtime: '.number_format(microtime(TRUE)-$startTime, 3); In most cases this works. But I was looking to track a bit more then load time while testing my upcoming PHP 5.3 framework. So I created a little...

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