Looking for a PHP mentor? You found him!

Jun 03

First things first

With the internet where it is right now why would you need a mentor. Seriously. With sites like StackOverflow and others all over the web, every question has been ask, re-asked, asked again, and asked one more time, until the people who used to answer questions no longer answer they just link you to the last 7 people that asked. Its all there for you to find. So I ask again, why do you need a mentor? When I started developing (seems like a lifetime ago), I was almost scared to ask questions on the web because I didn’t want the default answer of “Google it.” Yes, I know its the internet and I shouldn’t be afraid of peoples responses, but that’s not really the way my DNA works. I’ve been down the road where you’ve talked the same problem for 4-5 hours, googled it ever which way I could think to Google it and came up with nothing. Finally I convinced myself it would be okay this time because I had done my due¬†diligence, googled the hell out of the problem, and came up with nothing. I just HAD to be the first person in the world that has had the problem. It wasn’t something I was doing it was a bug in the PHP code. PHP WAS BROKE! So I post… and low and behold, 2 minutes later a response with a link. Turns out I wasn’t the first person to have the problem, it wasn’t a bug in PHP, and my google-fu wasn’t as strong as I thought. Happens to the best of us I guess. Did I need a mentor? No. Would having one to bounce problems off of have helped quite a bit? You betcha.


So, why am I making this offer? Well its sort of 2 fold. I particularly like helping people. Honestly. Even if I don’t know you. Its just the way I work.

What will you get?

Well, this part is pretty simple. I’ll help you solve problems. Will I write code for you? No. Will I look your code over when your having problems? Of course. I’ll give you the push in the right direction if you are having issues finding a solution to something. I’ll also give you much needed peer review that happens so little in this industry with projects that never see the light of day. I cannot say I’ll be on standby 24 hours a day to answer your questions but I do spend a large chunk of the day at the keyboard, so you’ll be able to reach me.

What I expect.

Well, I expect you to have the basics down. You should also already be working on a project. I cannot help you with project ideas. Again, I’m not going to write code for you, but I will assist you to find the solutions to your problem or let you know when your going about things all wrong.


Great! Shoot me an email – [email protected] Let me know a little about yourself. I’m going to pick a couple of people at a time to help them through their project and then move on to other people. So if you found this post and your wondering if its old don’t worry, just email me.

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